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Becky Rene and the pack in Maine


Becky Rene, CPDT

      I was born with that “horse/dog gene” or as my mother would say “anything with fur”! Life was at its best when horseback riding with my best friend Colleen (bareback of course!) with our dogs in tow. We would gallop up and down 'mountains', through fields and ponds in the beautiful Naples-Cohocton countryside. We thoroughly enjoyed our time outdoors together and our horses and dogs were a huge part of that! Those experiences taught me the value of friendship and how our animals play a vital part in our own personal growth, helping us develop lifelong relationships. I believe that God created animals to give us an opportunity to learn a great deal about ourselves through our interactions with them...teaching us patience, balance, discipline, love and the value of having a purpose in life.
     I've been married for 38 years and I am a mother of three married children with wonderful spouses. We now have 10 grandchildren with one on the way this summer! In 2016 we decided life wasn't exciting enough and moved from a little plot in West Irondequoit to 24 acres in Avon, NY! We absolutely enjoy life on the small farm we call 'the Homestead' with our dogs and four mini-donkeys and hope to have horses coming next year! 

     When we became 'empty nesters' I decided to venture out and use my life's experiences from working with animals and earn my dog training certification through the Animal Behavior College. In 2010, I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. I love training dogs and teaching their owners with a balanced, positive approach, understanding that each person/pet relationship is unique with keeping in mind the ultimate goal of dog training which is bonding and building a better connection. Life is better together.

     As a native of Rochester, NY I enjoyed being a core-volunteer at the City of Rochester, Verona Street Animal Shelter, where I donated hundreds of hours and worked with countless dogs. I've personally adopted out many of our dogs and witnessed the joy that these dogs bring to their new families. The variety, size and age of the breeds at the shelter provided me invaluable experiences into temperaments and behaviors, and gave me the opportunity to exercise various dog training techniques that I use today. At home, I still love working with my own pack by hiking everyday with them and letting them help me help other dogs. I am certified in Animal First Aid, CPR and am a TDI (Therapy Dog International) evaluator. I would love the opportunity to work with you and your dog!








Becca Giannavola CPDT

I grew up in Wayland, NY on lots of acres where my mother raised Labrador Retrievers. It seemed we had as many dogs as acres! Dogs have always been a part of my life and I often connected with them a little differently than the rest of my!

     As I grew up and moved on with my life, I couldn’t wait till the day I was responsible enough to have my own dog in my own place! It was only a few months later I was welcoming my first pup. I would train my dogs to do the most random things like close doors, dramatically play dead, and of course they had to master all the basics. I loved it and it just came so natural to me.

     Early in my career path I became a licensed Massage Therapist and after working at that for about a year I decided it wasn’t for me. On a whim, I moved to Maryland and that is where I would meet my husband. Together we have one child, our daughter Arianna. A few years later we decided to move back to Western NY to be closer to family, settle down and begin our careers. For me, that meant I had to do something with animals. 

     I began by shadowing a Veterinarian but quickly realized I could not emotionally handle it. It was at that time I started my dog training career with Animal Behavior College and in 2016, I met my mentor, Becky and have never looked back. Working with people and training their dogs everyday is so enjoyable that it makes me feel like I never actually "work".

      I truly am blessed to have Becky as my training partner and together we have trained dozens and dozens of dogs and their humans over the years. I have volunteered at Verona street and also for a few rescues in the Rochester area, gathering as much experience as I could. 

     My career with dogs didn't stop at training though. I also board dogs out of my home and offer limited daycare for dogs once a week. Most recently I trained under another wonderful mentor of mine, Janice, who taught me everything there is to know about grooming and in early 2020 I turned my basement into a grooming shop and LOVE IT! 

     Please do not hesitate to reach out as we are here to help you with your dogs in any way we can!

‘let's do life better...together!'




Certified Professional Dog Training

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