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Tick Season!!!



I am glad when winter finally leaves Rochester and upstate NY, but that always means TICK season is upon us. Here is a video (admittedly a very, very thorough one) on the way to effectively remove ticks from your dog. It is very important to regularly check your dog(s) especially if you live in a rural area or hike on trails or in woods. I have always used This year I am using the Seresto Flea and Tick Collars made by BAYER. It has been used for a number of years in Europe but is relatively new in the USA. Since I walk every day on trails, I need a good flea and tick prevention regimen and I have found this remedy extremely succesful.

Aggression & Some Reasons Behind It

Understanding why a dog might feel the need to act aggressively, and recognizing the early signs in the dog's body language.

by Suzanne Clothier

"Whether we like it or not, we need to recognize that the wide range of behaviors labeled as aggression are communications from the dog to us. Dogs do not snap, snarl, growl, or bite without reason, and those reasons can range from feeling afraid to being confidently challenging. If you are able to recognize early signs of dog feeling uneasy or pressured in some way (whether you intended that response or not!), you can avoid pushing dog into feeling the need for more dramatic or more dangerous aggressive behavior. Many of the dogs presented to me as aggressive are often quite fair about offering warning signs, but sadly, people have not been able to accurately read the signals the dog is sending. How frustrating that must be for the dog, who may then feel the need to escalate his own behavior in order to make his message clear!"

10 Must-Have Pet Apps

For the geeky nerd in all of us, here are some apps that might make life easier for you! Try them out and be sure to let us know if they've helped at all.


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